What information is transmitted by the electronic alert?

Electronic reporting will become mandatory as of June 29, 2020 for all drones weighing 800 grams or more. But what information is being sent out?

Electronic reporting frame receiver

What is the transmitted coded information?

The information sent by the electronic reporting device is not encrypted (protected). However, they are coded. We are going to help you to decode them by taking the frame below proposed as an example:


  • “1” Protocol version, here: version 1
  • “2” FR identifier, here: AMSBB10000000000000000000000BETA01 ( the first 3 characters correspond to the manufacturer and the next 3 to the beacon model)
  • “3” ANSI CTA 2063 UAS identifier (used for off-the-shelf drones instead of the FR identifier)
  • “4” and “5” Latitude and Longitude current aircraft, here:
          • Current latitude: 46.30452
          • Current longitude: 7.15816
  • “6” Current aircraft altitude, here: 302M
  • “7” Current aircraft height (not used here, only one of the two values “6” or “7” must be filled in)
  • “8” and “9” Latitude and Longitude of the takeoff point, here:
          • Latitude deco: 46.30443
          • Longitude deco: , 7.15819
  • “10” Horizontal speed, here: 0m/s
  • “11” True route, here: 0°.

This is the December 27, 2019 order that sets the specifications that electronic reporting devices must meet:

Electronic reporting and application ?

The electronic reporting system was made mandatory by the law on the reinforcement of the safety of the use of civil drones known as the “drone law” adopted on October 13, 2016. It will be applicable from June 29, 2020 for all drones not registered until then. And by December 29, 2020, all aircraft operating without a person on board will be concerned.

  • The device is programmed during its production and it must be impossible for a third party to change its settings.
  • The owner of the aircraft must register the unique identifier on the AlphaTango portal (see DGAC notice at the bottom of the article).

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