Professional equipment for drones

The use of the drone among professionals is becoming widespread and facilitates aerial interventions in multiple fields of activity such as inspection, security, agriculture, etc.). Thus Skyinnov designs and markets technical equipment for remote pilots to facilitate their interventions.


Integrable drone signaling beacon

Design and development of equipment for professional drones

The result of collaboration between remote pilots, aerial agriculture experts and product designers, Skyinnov offers its skills in precision mechanics and electronics to companies. By developing state-of-the-art equipment, Skyinnov facilitates the use of drones in professional and agricultural environments.

Design office

Based on an identified need, we study the feasibility of a project and, as the case may be, draw up specifications.


Our experts then look for the best technical solutions (mechanical, electronic, programming, etc.) to come up with different prototypes.


The prototypes are tested and proven in the workshop and then in a real situation in order to be optimized according to the feedback.


Once the prototype has been validated, we study the most appropriate supplier offers and processes

Our drone equipment

To respond to the intensification of the use of drones, and the need to regulate the practice, Skyinnov has developed a range of equipment to meet these challenges. As French regulations impose the identification of aircraft in flight, Skyinnov has developed a range of electronic identification beacons compatible with the main models on the market. The use of drones is also intensifying in agriculture, particularly in the treatment of corn plots to fight against the borer. Here again, Skyinnov is innovating by developing a trichogramma spreader for drones , in order to naturally treat the plots by depositing trichogramma capsules through the air. Finally, Skyinnov has developed a spray drone for cleaning roofs and facades.

UAV electronic beacons

Cleaning drone

Trichogramma spreader for drone

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