A single electronic signaling device for multiple aircraft?

Electronic signaling will be mandatory for all aircraft weighing more than 800 grams by the end of December 2020, as we know!

But do I have to buy an electronic aircraft reporting module?

The answer is no! Under certain conditions, the same electronic signaling device can be registered for several aircraft

Electronic reporting device

How many electronic signaling tags?

As mentioned, it is possible to use a single electronic reporting beacon for multiple aircraft, here are the conditions:

  • The aircraft belong to the same owner
  • Only one of these aircraft in flight
  • Aircraft sharing an electronic reporting device must be in the same weight range:

– 0.8 Kg < mass < 2 Kg
– 2 Kg < mass < 4 Kg
– 4 Kg < mass < 25 Kg
– 25 Kg < mass < 150 Kg
– 150 Kg < mass

  • They must be part of the same electronic reporting group:

– Group 1: captive aerostat / circular flight model / free flight model / hot air balloon

– Group 2: glider, wing (non motorized) / airship / parachute, paraglider / flapping wing aircraft

– Group 3 : helicopter / multirotor / convertible / combined / paramotor / gyrocopter

– Group 4: airplane, wing, glider (motorized)

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Why a QRCode?

When a single owner has multiple electronic reporting devices, there is a significant risk that they will mix up the unique identifiers

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