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Sale of beacon or electronic identification module in accordance with French regulations on unmanned aircraft over 800 gr. Discover the Signal Drone beacons from Skyinnov.

[Signal Drone] is the range of electronic identification beacons for UAV

The remote electronic identification beacon is a system that identifies aircraft operating without a person on board. They are also called digital signalling modules or drone transponders. Indeed, the forces of order will be able to know remotely with a receiver, the owner of the machine and its main parameters of flight. By aircraft circulating without a person on board, we must understand drones but also model airplanes, helicopters, flying wings … All models over 800 grams that you are amateur or professional are concerned. It has been made mandatory in France, by the law on the reinforcement of the safety of the use of civil drones known as the “drone law” adopted on October 13, 2016. It is also planned in the future, at the European level, in all third countries, based on this French measure.
Discover the Signal Drone identification beacons by Skyinnov.

Electronic beacon for unmanned aircraft

Beacons in compliance with electronic reporting regulations

Lightweight, universal and available in three versions

Find a product adapted to your needs: integrated or removable

Range tested to over 1000 meters

Integrated antenna and good range in compliance with regulations

3 color casing for better integration

Visible or discreet, it’s up to you to choose according to your tastes and your drone

Identification to limit the risk of errors

The [Signal Drone] SD20 has an identifier that corresponds to the unique identifier attached to the device, it is also present on its pocket. It is engraved on the back of the removable devices (SD20A and SD20B) and on the thermoformed sheath of the SD20L.

By reading the ID, you will be able to verify the unique ID of your electronic identification tag and avoid possible errors if you own several tags or have lost your packaging.

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