Discover our drone sprayer for roofs and facades.

After demonstrating its expertise in the design of trichogramma spreaders, Skyinnov has developed a drone spraying system for roof de-mossing and facade cleaning.

Complete drone cleaning system for roofs and facades

Skyinnov has worked with professionals to design a new spray drone that makes it easier for aerial spray cleaning experts to intervene. The drone is a formidable tool that greatly facilitates their intervention, limits risks and reduces intervention costs. Using a drone means you don’t have to work directly on roofs or facades, and there’s no need to install scaffolding.

The drone sprayer also makes it possible to carry out complex cleaning operations that were previously difficult to achieve. (Moss removal from church roofs, castle cleaning…)

Thanks to the system’s ease of installation and the drone’s agility, the professional is up and running very quickly, and can cover large areas in record time. The system consists of a professional drone, a spray kit, various accessories to cover all uses, and a spray control system integrated into the drone’s remote control.

drone pulverisateur skyinnov

aerial spraying

Spray kit for drone
innovative and efficient

The spray kit is compatible with professional drones designed to carry payloads, or it can be supplied with our drone available in our pack.
Our kit consists firstly of a spray arm controlled directly by the drone’s remote control. It can be adjusted up and down (-90° / +20°) and sideways (horizontal and vertical positions). This arm is equipped with various spray accessories to adapt to any type of surface, flight, frame….
These accessories are designed for easy connection to the arm, and are interchangeable in seconds. Last but not least, the system features an interface that allows the payload to be set according to the user’s preferences.

Innovative, intuitive, high-performance...

animation accessoires drone

Interchangeable spray accessories


Brush or straight spray nozzle with sweeping action for 1-metre coverage away from the substrate, limiting misting and product loss.


Conventional spraying (brush nozzle, flat spray) 1-meter nozzle or 2-meter nozzle for uniform coverage.


17 full-jet nozzles, keeps away from the substrate, reduced misting / product loss, 3-metre coverage.

Precision control with on-board cameras

The single remote control allows you not only to pilot the drone sprayer, but also to control and steer the spray arm, activate or stop the jets and, last but not least, to view your work area thanks to the 2 on-board cameras (on the drone and on the arm).

Professional drone for aerial work

systeme de pulverisation par drone skyinnov

Skyinnov designs professional equipment dedicated to aerial drone work, such as a trichogramma spreader for agriculture, or a spraying system for roof de-mossing or facade cleaning.

This equipment is aimed at professionals and remote pilots already equipped with UAVs, as well as those not yet so equipped. For the latter, Skyinnov offers a complete drone + spraying system kit to provide a complete, ready-to-use package.

After more than a year of testing, we chose a high-performance, compact, reliable and economical drone, which we have successfully tested on various cleaning and agricultural sites. This drone is also equipped with a remote control with HD screen for dual video feedback (drone camera and spray arm camera) and a spray control button.

Versatile, the drone is compatible with numerous payloads and will enable remote pilots to offer several services:

  • Drone spraying for roof and facade cleaning
  • Agricultural work such as trichogram spraying, remote sensing via on-board multispectral sensor
  • Photogrammetry, aerial mapping
  • Technical inspection of buildings / monuments / wind turbines …

Drone + spraying kit from €9800 excl. tax

Trichogramma spreader and accessories for T-DROP

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