Stand-alone electronic reporting module SD20B

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The SD20B is our stand-alone electronic reporting system, compliant with the new French regulations. This module can be used for several aircraft (without a person on board, such as drones), provided they belong to the same reporting group, have the same weight range and the same owner.

Protected by a plastic case, the SD20B electronic beacon has a battery that gives it 6 hours of autonomy.
This autonomous transponder can be attached to your drone or any other aircraft, using a powerful velcro delivered with the electronic reporting module. The SD20B transponder can be fixed to your drone thanks to different specific supports available here, including the beacon holder for DJI Phantom 4 and 4 Pro drone.

Consult the SD20B electronic beacon user manual: SD20B user manual

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Technical specifications

– Mass 30 g
– Dimensions 48x39x16 mm
– Integrated 1S lithium battery
– Autonomy 6 h
– Charging via micro USB port
– Plastic case
– Wifi 2.4 Ghz channel 6 (frequency 2437 Mhz)
– Internal antenna


  • Which aircraft are affected by the electronic reporting regulations?
    => Unmanned aircraft (e.g. drone, airplane, helicopter…) weighing more than 800 grams are required to be equipped with an electronic (or digital) beacon before the deadline of December 29, 2020. Once equipped with the beacon, the drone must be registered on Alpha Tango.
  • How to register its identification beacon on AlphaTango ?To register your electronic reporting device, simply go to the AlphaTango website and then to the page of the aircraft in question.
  • How does electronic drone reporting work?
    => This is a remote identification system that emits a Wifi signal allowing the identification of the device over a distance of up to 2 km.
  • What data is transmitted by the electronic reporting module of a drone?
    => the beacon of the drone transmits the identification information of the drone, the place of takeoff of the drone (thus the theoretical position of the telepilot), its position (latitude, longitude, altitude), the horizontal speed of movement … To know more about it.
  • Are other devices than drones concerned by the regulation?
    => Other devices than drones are concerned. Any unmanned aircraft must comply with the regulations as soon as it exceeds 800 gr. (e.g.: radio-controlled plane, helicopter…)
  • Can I use the same electronic reporting device for multiple aircraft?
    => Yes, it is possible to use a single electronic beacon for multiple aircraft under certain conditions.
  • What are the risks and what is the purpose of this regulation?
    => The purpose of this regulation is to verify that the flight is legal (or not) and thus increase the safety related to drone overflights. The offender risks a class 4 fixed fine of 135 €, applicable from November 2020. The authorities can also confiscate your drone.
  • Do I also have to equip my drone with a light device?
    => During a night flight, the aircraft must be equipped with a lighting device allowing visibility at a vertical and horizontal distance of at least 150 m. Red and white colors should be avoided to prevent any risk of confusion with a manned aircraft.
  • My drone is less than 800 gr but it is equipped with a beacon, what should I do?
    => For all aircraft already equipped with an electronic reporting module, it is mandatory to register it on Alpha Tango.
  • What are the different types of remote reporting devices?
    => It is possible to equip your drone with an autonomous beacon, i.e. powered by a battery different from that of the drone. Our autonomous beacons have an autonomy of about 6 hours, for a weight of 30 gr. It is also possible to equip it with a removable beacon powered directly by the drone, in 5 V. See our removable electronic reporting module SD20A. Finally, there are models that can be integrated directly into the aircraft, such as our SD20L light electronic reporting module.
  • What type of electronic reporting module should I choose depending on my type of drone?
    => For everything that is drone “on the shelf” (eg: Phantom, DJI, Yuneec …), we recommend the autonomous modules with their support adapted to the main models of the market.
    => For the other drones, you will have the choice between removable or embedded module.

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