Receiving system for electronic reporting (drones and aircraft) – SD20RL

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The SD20RL is an electronic beacon detection system designed and manufactured in France.
The beacon receiver allows professionals and individuals to :

  • Detecting drones equipped with an external electronic signaling module (Signal Drone beaconsand all other beacons on the market).
  • Facilitate the search for a lost drone.
  • Check that your electronic reporting tags are working properly.
  • Check the ID of your tags.
  • Record your flight path.
  • Display geofence.
  • Be alerted of an intrusion in your flight area.

The SD20RL beacon detector consists of a receiver module and an application to access the information. Once the signal of the electronic identification tag is detected by the application, you will get all the information issued by it.

Refer to the
user’s manual
SD20RL electronic beacon detector manual.

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Detect an aircraft or find a lost drone with the detector electronic reporting

Unmanned aircraft weighing more than 800 grams must be equipped with an electronic warning beacon according to the new legislation. These beacons can thus be detected by our reception system which picks up the emitted signal. Thus, turn this legislative constraint into an advantage thanks to the receiver, which is very useful to find a lost drone, for example.

Use the receiver to monitor the operation of your beacons or
to check your login details

Your drone is equipped with an electronic reporting beacon but is this beacon working properly and is it transmitting the required information?
With the SD20RL electronic reporting receiver, you have a simple solution to check your beacons, their proper functioning and the data transmitted but also to verify the identifier of each drone.

Display your geofence, save and export your flight path

Thanks to theSkyinnov application coupled with the electronic reporting receiver, you will be able to access flight control functionalities, but also to record the route of your aircraft and export it to be visualized on Google Earth, for example.

Technical specifications

– Weight 10 g
– Dimensions 50x40x10 mm
– Power supply via USB-C
– Plastic case
– Internal antenna
– 2.4 Ghz wifi receiver channel 6 (frequency 2437 Mhz)
– Display via web application optimized for Android
– Can also be used on PC (with touch screen)
– Not supported on IOS

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