T-BOX: turns T-DROP into a stand-alone spreading system

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The T-BOX is an autonomous electronic system that allows the remote control of the
T-DROP trichogramme spreader
Thus, the T-DROP becomes a universal spreader compatible with all drones or agricultural machines.

  • Fastening system for the T-DROP.
  • Works with a 5V power supply or a 2S battery.
  • Remote control with oled screen.
  • Long range connection of loRa type.
  • 2 possible and configurable release modes (Distance or Timer).
  • Log counter displayed on the remote control.

It is therefore a self-contained trichogramme application system that eliminates compatibility problems. Thus, the T-DROP can be mounted on different models of drones including DJI, YUNEEC or any other agricultural machine.

Requires a T-DROP spreading system.

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DJI compatible T-box

Extended spreading possibilities
with T-BOX

The T-BOX system allows an extended use of our trichogramma spreader. Indeed, the spreading system being dissociated from the drone, you can install our T-DROP spreader on all drones capable of carrying it, including DJI drones, or any other agricultural machine.

flight drone drop tbox

How the T-BOX works

Once equipped with the T-BOX system, our spreader becomes autonomous. It no longer needs to be connected directly to the drone, since it is controlled remotely from the remote control.

  • The remote control display allows you to see the operating status of the spreader (on/off) and the number of logs dropped.
  • From the remote control, you can program the release of the balls according to 2 different modes of release, with the timer (every 0.5, 1, 2 or 3 seconds) or with the GPS (every 5, 10, 15 or 20 meters).
  • Finally, the remote control displays the number of satellites received, the strength of the radio signal, the battery level of the remote control and the onboard battery.

Technical specifications

Remote control :

  • Oled screen.
  • Integrated battery.
  • Autonomy: more than 8 hours (about 250 hectares).
  • Rechargeable via micro USB plug.
  • Weight: 60 grams.

Electronic box :

  • LORA 868Mhz connection (range over 1 km, depending on the environment).
  • Works with a 5V power supply or a 2S battery (not included).
  • Recommended battery: 2S Li-Ion 4800MAH XT30 socket.
  • Weight : 160 grs.

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