Trichogramma pack for DJI Agras T10 uav

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Skyinnov has designed this trichogramma spraying pack specifically for DJI Agras T10 drones.
It is composed of the following elements:

The autonomous system requires a specific 2S battery independent of the drone not provided (recommended model: 2S Li-Ion 4800MAH battery XT30 socket)
The reservoir is not supplied; you must use your own seed reservoir.

The DJI Agras T10 is a professional drone for agriculture, offering spraying and seeding capabilities. With this pack, Skyinnov adds another string to the T10’s bow, enabling it to carry out trichogramma spraying services. The package couples Skyinnov’s tried-and-tested spraying equipment with DJI Agras T10 drones.

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Technical specifications:

Pack T10:

– Dry weight with battery and tank: 1300grs
– Weight with cellulose beads: 1850grs ( 800 beads / 8Ha)
– Weight with starch beads: 3100grs ( 800 beads / 8Ha)
NB: don’t fill the bin with more than 800 beads (the T10’s flight time makes it impossible to spread them anyway).
– The reservoir is not supplied; you must use your own seed reservoir.
– Recommended battery (not included): 2S Li-Ion 4800MAH XT30 socket


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