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Skyinnov designs and commercializes trichogramma spreaders for drone, in order to fight naturally against a corn pest, the corn borer.

The fruit of many years of experience
in the operation of agricultural drones

After several seasons of criss-crossing agricultural fields with drones, dropping trichogramma beads over corn fields, testing and proving the equipment under all weather conditions, Skyinnov teams decided to develop their own dropping system. Thus, the T-DROP system was born from the experience in the field, to develop a system able to meet the challenges of farmers, agricultural cooperatives and UAV pilots, with great flexibility and excellent technical capabilities.

Drone Trichogramma Spreader

Expertise in the design of professional drone equipment

Skyinnov has developed for several years, a solid expertise in the design of drone equipment for professional use. Skyinnov designs electronic identification beacons compatible with the main UAVs on the market as well as an electronic signal detection system. The development of the T-DROP benefits from the experience gained in the design of reliable electronic systems and the design of high-precision parts to meet the requirements of remote pilots.

trichogramme dropping system by drone

The trichogramma spreader for drone


The T-DROP can carry two compatible tank sizes of 5 or 8 liters of beads depending on the capacity of the drone.

large drop capacity

The T-DROP offers a high output of up to 3 beads per second, allowing for large area coverage.

real time feedback

The on-board electronics provide valuable information to the remote pilot, including release points, the total number of capsules actually released, facilitating reporting.

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Questions / Answers about T-DROP

The spreader requires at least a 5v power supply and an available output to control the release. You will also be able to control the arming system with an additional output, and an input for feedback. Your drone will also need to have the capacity and size to carry the trichogramma spreaders.

The T-DROP tank is equipped with multiple mounting points for easy installation (mounting plan provided). After the physical installation, the T-DROP power supply (5v) and the various control cables must be connected. Finally, you will have to configure the control parameters on your drone.

Skyinnov can provide you with installation assistance on a case by case basis. You can contact us before purchasing if you need more information.

Our system accepts starch and cellulose trichogramma beads up to a diameter of 25 mm. (e.g. AMW, bioline…)

The T-DROP is equipped with two interchangeable and compatible tanks, one of 5 liters and the other of 8 liters.

The T-DROP is equipped with a digital display with 2 different counters: number of balls requested and number of balls actually dropped. The correspondence between the 2 counters allow to control that the balls were effectively released or not (empty tank…). The T-DROP is also equipped with LEDs for easy remote visual control. (the LED lights up at each bead release).

If you have chosen to connect the feedback system, you will get the drop information directly from your ground station.

When the logs are no longer passing through the spreader, the LEDs remain permanently lit to inform you. (empty spreader, blockage…).
If you use the feedback, you will also see it directly on your ground station.

The whole system has been designed to allow flights in the rain, provided that your drone is also able to do so. The T-DROP allows you to maintain your flight program despite difficult weather conditions.

The T-DROP system has been designed to be easily repairable. All parts are easily replaceable and available for after-sales service, upon request by email to

The T-DROP is designed, programmed and assembled by hand in Skyinnov’s workshops in France. Each model is tested before shipping.

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